Army, Defence, Airlines & Military Services

This is a list of people all around the world who are related to army, defense, airlines (Aviation), Airforce and other kind of military and para-military services. These are the people who have later on started their online business with MOBE and started earning online while living a dot com lifestyle of ultimate time, money and location freedom.

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Brandon Odom

Brandon is the former Commissioned officer in USA Army later on turned to online entrepreneur. He got brand new FREE Chevrolet Colorado 2015 car from MOBE Motors Program.
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Frank Torchia


Frank is from Florida and he is not a baby boomer. Well, he has passed the baby boomer age basically. Well, he is right now (in 2016) 84 years old! Yes true. At the age of 84, he has started his online business and right now successfully making money from the internet. Frank did all kind of corporate jobs through out his life starting from an automechanic to US Air Force.
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