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MOBE is the business education company that organizes various types of live events all around the world. One such live event is known as Diamond Mastermind.

Diamond Mastermind is the 10 days and 11 nights business building retreat in paradise. You can attend this live event if you are a MOBE affiliate partner and the diamond level affiliate (consultant).

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Why You Should Attend Diamond Mastermind Event?

One of the obvious question you will think that why should you attend this live event? What’s special in this event? Well, you should attend this live event for 3 purposes.

  1. Mastermind with other successful entrepreneurs all around the world and learn from their experience and mistakes. You will gain tremendous knowledge and insights to take your online (or offline) business to the next level by attending these mastermind events. If you are the startup entrepreneur than you will gain tremendous knowledge about leveraging and scaling your business by attending this event.
  2. Networking with other 6, 7 & figure entrepreneurs.
  3. Fun & Pleasure – Diamond mastermind event is being held at some of the most exotic destinations around the world that can be an exotic holiday location for you!

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What You Will Learn From Diamond Mastermind?

You will learn how to create and execute your exit strategy and get the biggest “payday” of your life.  by attending this live event. It will have various top levels speakers and entrepreneurs from all around the world who have achieved the amazing level of success in their own businesses. You will be able to learn directly from their knowledge.

You must not forget that your end goal is to sell your business.

As an entrepreneur, you must plan to sell your business from day one for that biggest payday of your life.

Most of the business owners don’t have plan to sell their business and that’s why Diamond mastermind is there.

No matter what your timeline is, Diamond will show you how to sell your business for top dollar and live off the proceeds for the rest of your life.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to create and execute an exit strategy.
  • How to build a marketing plan to attract buyers
  • How to negotiate the best price and get your big “payday.”
  • How to put together an Exit Strategy Team that will handle most of the process for you.

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In diamond mastermind you will also learn,

How To Get Paid Substantial Fees For Your Advice As A Consultant?

How to Leverage Your Intellectual Capital?

The Diamons mastermind will

  • Help you turn your knowledge into a valuable training product.
  • Help you craft a winning offer.
  • Help you map out your landing page, sales page, and funnel.
  • Help you create high-quality marketing videos.

Topics That Will be covered at Diamond Mastermind

  • How To Create Your Exit Strategy?
  • How To Execute Your Exit Strategy?
  • How to Get Top Dollars For Your Business?
  • Get Paid Substantial Fees as a Consultant
  • How to Earn 20% Returns Investing in Businesses?
  • How to Build a Legacy For Your Children?
  • And many more….

Attending Mastermind Events is Lots of Fun!

Just watch the above video and you will understand that why its fun and pleasure to attend the diamond mastermind live events? You will enjoy some of the most exotic locations around the world by attending such live mastermind events. Not only this but you will be able to mastermind and network with other like minded entrepreneurs from all around the world.

You will gain tremendous knowledge about businesses by attending this live event. This knowledge will help you to avoid costly painful mistakes in your business.

After completing this event, you will be setup for success.

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Above are the top earners and success stories in MOBE. These are the people who have made fortunes in their businesses aftet attending Diamond mastermind.

Which Are the Other Live Events Hosted by MOBE?

Diamond Mastermind is just one type of live event hosted by MOBE. There are many other kind of live events that MOBE organizes at some of the most exotic locations around the world. Here are they.

These events are exclusive for the MOBE’s affiliate partners (Except IM Freedom Workshop & HBS which can be attended by anyone). You can also join these live events if you become the MOBE affiliate partner. To become the MOBE affiliate partner you will have to join its 21 steps online training program and finish its all the 21 steps. And then you will be able to attend any of these higher level live events.

Can I Promote Diamond Mastermind & Earn Commissions?

Yes of course. You can promote Diamond mastermind live event by becoming the MOBE affiliate partner and earn $10,000 per sale big ticket commissions. However, before you become eligible to promote this event and earn big commissions, you will need to join 21 steps online training program by MOBE and complete its online training with your personal coach. After that you will be able to promote this live event and earn big commissions.

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