Rohit Bhargava

Awesome Business Trends That Will Influence Virtually All Kind of Verticals in 2017

Great recap of my 15 trends and how they will impact business in today’s @globeandmail – — Rohit Bhargava (@rohitbhargava) January 16, 2017 Rohit Bhargava has posted 15 Non-Obvious Business Trends Shaping 2017 on his blog. These trends are reposted by The Global and Mail. Related: Content Curation – The Future of Online Economy! […]

Content Curation – The Future of The Online Economy!

Content Curation is the future of the internet economy. The future internet millionaires will be created in this space. First of all let me explain you that what it means? What is Content Curation? Content curation (according to me) is finding and organizing the content of any form (Articles, Videos, Audio, Pics..etc..) and organizing it […]