Roland Sargunan

Internet Chef Roland Sargunan With Matt Lloyd – What is WiFi Millionaire eBook All About?

This is the amazing video in which online entrepreneur known as internet chef Roland Sargunan is with Matt Lloyd and talking about his new eBook WiFi Millionaire and WiFi Millionaire System. Matt Lloyd explains in the video that what is Wifi Millionaire and WMS? Click here to Get your Copy of WiFi Millionaire >> If […]

Honest Review About ‘Limitless’ Book By Internet Chef From Malaysia!

This video is the detailed review about the book ‘Limitless‘ by Matt Lloyd, the multi-millionaire online entrepreneur. The review is given by the online entrepreneur from Malaysia name Roland Sargunan. Roland made $4550 online with his HTAM business while sailing around the world and doing his day time job as a chef! Related: Master Chef […]

How This Chef From Malaysia Turned To ‘Internet Chef’ & Started His Own Online Business?

The picture is of a Chef from Malaysia known as Roland Sargunan. Roland is the chef from Malaysia and he is sailing around the world as a Chef. His story is very inspirational. He has started his online business few months back under the mentorship of a 6 figure online entrepreneur Marcin Marczak. Not only […]

Malasian Chef Earned $4550 From The Internet While Sailing Around The World!

If you want to make money online while doing your routine day time job then this is the must watch video for you. In the video, Malasian Chef Roland Sargunan has made $4,550 commissions from his online business while sailing around the world in a ship. He has made over $10K from his online business. […]

How This Master Chef From Malyasia Has Made Over $10,000 From His Online Business?

Today I am going to share with you a story of Chef from Malaysia name Roland Sargunan who has started his online business and earned his first $10,391.79 commissions from his online business. Roland is basically the professional chef from Ipoh, in the state of Perak, Malaysia. He hired another 6 figure online entrepreneur known as […]